A meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council will be held on

Wednesday, 7th February 2024 at 7.30 pm in the Bakehouse


Part 1 Non-confidential information

  1. Apologies/Councillors’ attendance register
  2. Minutes of the previous ordinary meeting
  3. Public speaking
  4. Update from District Councillor
  5. Former cheese factory site
  6. Neighbourhood plan
  7. Precept for 2024-2025
  8. Uses of former telephone box
  9. Drainage and flood team
  10. Snow warden scheme and grit bin monitoring
  11. War Memorial plaque and stone
  12. Items of account, salaries HMRC, general administration
  13. Internet banking
  14. School Trust
  15. Planning sub-committee, planning applications and appeal
  16. Highway issues, yellow lines pot holes, street lighting
  17. Correspondence and communication
  18. Items for next agenda
  19. Date of next meeting: Wednesday, 6th March 2024



Part 2 –Confidential Information


  1. Mowing contract 2024-2025 and tenders



Will councillors please advise the clerk in advance of parish council meetings if they are unable to attend the meeting to ensure a quorum can be met.

S Hampson,

Clerk to the parish council

15th December 2023