Welcome to Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council Website. 

Hartington has just 185 dwellings with around 350 residents.  Hartington Town Quarter Parish is centred on the village of Hartington but includes Pilsbury to the north and a few outlying farms to the north-east. A Map of the Parish boundary is included on this website.

The village was granted a market charter in 1203 and the centre is still clustered around the old marketplace, mere (village pond) and village greens.

It has a large Church, a Village Hall, three Shops, a British Legion Club, two Pub/Hotels and two Cafes, one of the country’s largest Youth Hostels, a School, Doctors Surgery and a number holiday cottages. It is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Hartington is a very active Village with a number activity groups and events. The purpose of this website is to keep residents informed of the activities of the Parish Council and it is not intended to provide general and tourist information. There are a number of other sites already providing this information. Hartington Village Community Group