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Annual Plan
Each Year the Parish Council set out many of the items for their Agenda together with an outline timetable of when they are
expected to occur. These are of course subject to change but serve as a guidline for activity.

Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council Annual Plan

Normally, final opportunity to set precept
Council not meeting
HMRC quarter 3 due
Monitor grit bins
Seek any quotes for village maintenance
Consider any amendments to mowing programme

Agree meeting dates and book Village Hall (these may have to be subject to change)
Review standing orders
Liaise with Mrs Bray regarding requirements for village planters
Monitor grit bins

Financial year end
Year end for accounts
HMRC year end procedure

Hartington Sports parish council related event - begin investigations for cup for prize and cost
Identify village societies to invite to annual meeting
Monitor grit bins

HMRC quarter 4 due before 5th April
Plan parish annual meeting
Precept monies received
VAT reclaim for previous financial year
Internal audit of accounts arranged (either April or May)
Consider village maintenance items and seek quotes as appropriate
Invite village societies to annual meeting
Check public toilets

DDDC sponsored band concert arrangements; identify function and date

Risk assessments for use of village green for wakes
Commence village preparation in advance of wakes
Preserve village planters
Preserve village seats
Annual parish council meeting
Parish annual meeting
Accounts presented to council and external auditor
External audit of accounts to commence

Pay insurance in time for renewal on 1st June (3 year plan to expire 2016)

Check progress of planning for wakes

Cost identified village events, seek necessary estimates/quotes

Identify other prizes for Hartington Sports if necessary
HMRC quarter 1 payment due
Check British Legion's insurance for wakes' events
Investigate Christmas tree
Council does not meet
Councillors to check grit bins stocks (if possible)

Issue reminder to mowing contractor to tidy War Memorial prior to wakes

WWI event
Get prizes for Hartington Sports event
Snow warden to ensure training has been achieved
Check grit bins for restocking and order replenishments

Prioritise expenditure based on quotes received for any village expenditure

Check village seats for maintenance by contractor
Hartington Sports - attendance by PC Member(s)
Commence consideration of items for precept
HMRC quarter 2 payment due
Remind grounds person re War Memorial tidy
Consider items for budget and Precept setting, if possible

Remind contractor to tidy War Memorial prior to remembrance day

Surgery Patients Group AGM (attendance by PC member)
Remembrance Day service
Monitor grit bins
Set precept
Obtain and erect Christmas tree
Check risk assessment for Christmas tree event
Inspect Christmas tree for duration it is in place
Monitor grit bins
Review website

Consider mowing arrangements in readiness for retendering process

Parish Council News
Meeting Dates
Latest Agenda
Latest Minutes
AGM Minutes
Historical Minutes
Annual Plan
About Us & Burial Fees
Code of Conduct