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 Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council

A meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Hartington Village Hall.


Present:  D Annat, E Broomhead MBE, R Sherratt and the clerk, S Hampson. There were two membersof the public in attendance for part of the meeting.


Part 1 Non-confidential information

19.9.1 Apologies

Apologies had been received in advance from Mr R Craven and Mrs S Bruce.


19.7.2 Declaration of personal interest of councillors

There was no need by any member present to complete an entry in the register.


19.7.3 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and posted on the parish council’s website and noticeboard.


Resolved: to accept the minutes as a true record of proceedings. The minutes were signed by

Mr D Annat.


19.9.4 Public speaking

There were two members of the public in attendance for part of the meeting. One member attended to listen to item 19.9.6 regarding any updates on the cheese factory development. The other member attended to enquire about lowering the burial mound on a relative’s grave and to report some issues with the cemetery such as uneven ground, holes in the ground and attention to shrubbery and vegetation.


Resolved: To grant permission to lower the burial mound in question.


19.9.5 Update from District Councillor

The District Councillor was not in attendance.


19.9.6 Former cheese factory site

The deviation of the footpath recently created at the development site had been brought to the attention of Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) and officers have visited the site. It was thought that there may have been every further movement of the path to towards the centre.  Members discussed the percentage of affordable houses, sale of the properties and the drainage plan. Many of the roof lights have now been removed from the north face of the barn but not from the other. 


Resolved: The chairman to forward a letter to the clerk for onward submission regarding some of the above issues.  


19.9.7 Neighbourhood plan

There had been no further meeting.

19.9.8 Stones around the pump and damaged post

The clerk had written to Derbyshire County Council (DCC) regarding the damaged post near the pump in addition to the other highway signs of differing heights throughout the village. Some members and clerk had viewed the stones around the pump after the July meeting. Mr Annat had proposed to give this matter attention but had not been able to due to an injury.


Resolved: To place the matter on the next agenda.


19.9.9  New Garden of Remembrance ad cemetery clearance

Members discussed the possibility of addressing the uneven surface issues in the cemetery including the possibility of importing some top toil.


Resolved: Mrs Broomhead MBE to liaise with the appointed contractor who will create the new Garden of Remembrance area.


19.9.10 Village Christmas tree planning

Mr Sherratt reported that he had identified more than one suitable tree for the purpose of a village Christmas tree for December 2019 which would most likely be donated free of charge. Mrs Broomhead MBE suggested a provisional date for the ‘light up’ of 14th December. She reported some details of the proposed advent windows and lantern parade.


19.9.11 Hartington School Project

Mrs Broomhead MBE reported that the school children will be writing a letter about litter and would like a representative to attend the next meeting to speak during the public speaking section.


19.9.12 Hartington Village Hall

A tremendous sum of £30,000 has been raised for the works to the village hall roof. The village hall committee has been advised that planning permission will now in fact be required for the roof repairs. There is also the possibility of the need for a bat survey. These matters will delay proceedings and could impact on funding. Rural Action Derbyshire (RAD) is looking at the village hall becoming a digital hub.


19.9.13 Items of account, salaries, HMRC, general administration, contractor, Section 137

Cq 1392          R P Lownds                            Mowing contract         £346.50

Cq 1393          Hartington Village Hall          Hire                             £27.50

Cq 1394          S Hampson                              Sept. internet               £10.00

Cq 1395          S Hampson                              Sept. salary                  £239.36

Cq 1396          S Hampson                              Reimb of expenses      £8.78

Cq 1397          HMRC                                                Quarter 2 income tax £179.60

Cq 1398          DDDC                                    Election recharges       £127.07

Cq 1399          Shelter Maintenance Ltd        Bus shelter cleaning    £10.50             (VAT 1.75)

Cq 1400          P Lownds                                Mowing contract         £346.50


19.9.14 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals

Members considered the application at Grey Gables for an extensive front gable and garage. Pre-planning advice was included and PDNPA had not raised any issues. The proposal is in keeping with the property and will make a much nice house on completion. Works to the rear of the property will nestle in the hillside.


Resolved: To support the above application.


19.9.15 Highway issues

Following a recent charitable, event the grit bin at the bottom of Reynard’s Lane had become damaged and a length of farmer’s wall knocked down. The clerk had reported the damaged bin to DCC as this particular bin belongs to DCC and not the parish council. 


The traffic restriction signs around the duck pond have previously been reported as being of inconsistent heights and some being unclear to read. There has also been no further update on the request for additional yellow lines. Members of the parish council would be happy to meet with representatives of the DCC. 


Resolved: The clerk to report the traffic restrictions signs again and to request an update on the yellow lines.


19.9.16 Correspondence and communication

Included: DALC circulars, MCC motor trial in October. A letter had been received from someone enquiring about World War II search lights in Hartington. Mrs Broomhead MBE had made some enquiries and found some information about the search lights in operation in Biggin.


Resolved: Mrs Broomhead MBE, as a member of Hartington History Group, to take the letter, pursue the enquiry and reply directly.


The snow warden does not wish to participate in the scheme with effect from Winter 2019. Some alternative options were discussed.


Resolved: Mr Annat to prepare an article for submission in News and Views.

Resolved: The clerk to contact DCC for clarification about volunteers participating in clearing snow from pavements in each street and seek assurance regarding liability for each individual.


19.9.17 Items for the next agenda

Cemetery Garden of Remembrance and trees, former cheese factory site, neighbourhood plan, village pump stone steps, highway parking signs and removal of rusting post, school litter project, Christmas tree, mowing contract and advertising, War Memorial pointing.  Additional items to be compiled by the clerk. 


19.9.18 Date of next meeting

2nd October 2019


Part 2 Confidential information

19.9.19 New Garden of Remembrance and cemetery clearance

There were no members of the public in attendance during this part of the agenda.


Members discussed advertising for a new contractor from 2020 in News and Views, noticeboards, the parish council and village websites and local press. Maintenance aspects of the previous contract will be removed such as the stanner, seats, village trail and these will be undertaken using tenders or possibly an alternative contract.


Resolved: An advert to be drafted seeking quotes from suitable qualified and experienced people for mowing only of the parish council cemetery and identified grass verges within the village both to cut the grass and take clippings away from the cemetery and to not remove clippings.

Resolved: Mr Annat to liaise with the clerk regarding the new contract


The meeting was declared closed at 9.10 pm

Mrs S Hampson
Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council
12th September 2019

©Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting

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