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Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council

A meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 4th December 2019 at 7.30pm in the Bake House.


Present:  D Annat, E Broomhead MBE, R Sherratt, Mr A Grindey, Mrs S Bruce and the clerk, S Hampson There were no membersof the public in attendance.


Part 1 Non-confidential information

19.12.1 Apologies

District Councillor, D Chapman was not in attendance.


19.12.2 Declaration of personal interest of councillors

There was no need by any member present to complete an entry in the register.


19.12.3 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and posted on the parish council’s website and noticeboard.


Resolved: to accept the minutes as a true record of proceedings. The minutes were signed by Mr D Annat.


19.12.4 Public speaking

There were no members of the public in attendance.   Mrs Broomhead MBE had been approached again by a resident complaining about dog fouling on Bankside. 


Resolved: E Broomhead MBE to carry out a mail drop to residents of Bankside regarding the issue. 


19.12.5 Update from District Councillor

The District Councillor was not in attendance due to attendance at a waste meeting at Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC). Mr Annat had recently contacted Mr Chapman regarding the village hall plans in connection with the roof. It was felt that Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) had delayed matters impacting on grants and the conditions imposed in granting the planning application cannot be resolved. This was disappointing to the parish council.


19.12.6 Casual Vacancy

A notice advertising the vacancy had been placed and the expiry date reached prior to the meeting. The clerk had not received any expressions of interest in the vacancy in advance of the meeting.


Resolved: Parish council members are now at liberty to approach members of the parish for expressions of interest in the vacancy with a view to a co-option to take place.


19.12.7 Former cheese factory site

Electricity poles are being removed and generators are in place. Cables will be placed underground. The condition of the footpath is now very poor and almost impassable. Tree preservation orders are in place. Members await the possibility of further plans at the site.


Resolved: the clerk to contact the authorities to reinstate the footpath to its former position


19.12.8 Neighbourhood plan

It was reported that the committee has now approved documentation and this has been forwarded to PDNPA. All maps have been redrawn. Mr Annat will meet with PDNPA personnel shortly to finalise the maps and review the amended plan. A scoping report has also been submitted to PDNPA for comment. No new green areas have been created but some existing green areas will be treated differently.


19.12.9 Village Christmas Tree Event

Mr Sherratt and his family had gone to considerable effort to obtain, remove and transport a tree from a local source to be the village Christmas tree this year. Members expressed thanks to the Sherratt family and Mr Broomhead for their involvement.


Resolved: to make available a small gift to those concerned(unanimously agreed).


19.12.10 BT telephone kiosk

DDDC proposes to run an article about the telephone kiosk removal scheme.  It was noted that over 200 calls had been made from the kiosk probably due to poor network coverage on mobile phones in the village.


19.12.11 Digital Hub

No further update had been received. A survey had been received regarding need.

19.12.12 Snow Warden and Grit Bins

Mr Grindey reported that all the bins were full with the exception of the second grit bin on Reynards Lane.


Resolved: the clerk to order grit to fill the bin.


19.12.13 Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The Chairman had forwarded some amendments to these for the attention of the clerk. The clerk wished to include the ability to transfer deed of ownership between immediate family members.


Resolved: to include the above in the regulations and republish on the website.  


19.12.14 Initial consideration of budget items for precept

Resolved: to include a budget for £2,000 for the refurbishment of village seats; remedial work to the pond; News and Views; Hartington Community Group to enable monies to be given to small village group.


19.12.15 Items of account, salaries, HMRC, general administration, contractor, Section 137

Cq 1413          WAFR                           Donation to first responders (Section 137) £100

Cq 1414          Hartington Village Hall Hire                                                              £27.50

Cq 1415          S Hampson                     December & January clerk’s salaries            £478.92


                        Shelter Maintenance      Bus shelter cleaning                                     £10.50

                        HMRC                                       Quarter 3 income tax                                   £179.60

A new cheque book had not been forwarded in time for the meeting. It would, therefore, be necessary to obtain signatories after the meeting for the above approved expenditure.


19.12.16 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals

A new planning application had been received for Stable Cottage to remove the existing conservatory and erect an extension to the rear of the property. In addition, the plans included the formation of a new gate entrance within the wall bordering Stonewell Lane.   Members commented that the plans were quite basic; the majority of the proposal is hidden and there will be no change to bedroom numbers. 


Resolved: To support the plans for the extension but to express reservations about the creation of the new gate in the wall due to the access/road safety issues on Stonewell Lane which is narrow. 


19.12.17 Highway issues and yellow lines

The clerk reported an unlit street lamp in the vicinity of the school house following the October and November parish council meetings; however, it was reported that it remains unlit and there had been an incident with a child. Mrs Bruce reported that her daughter had further reported this light.


Resolved: The clerk to report the faulty street light again advising of the above concerns and to also advise County Councillor Spencer.


19.12.18 Correspondence and communication

Correspondence details had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and included: DALC circulars, Christmas recycling, climate emergency workshop, EU settlement project, Digital MOT service, events guidance on PDNPA website, mobile library routes, summary of parishes ay.


DDDC had replied to the clerk following the submission of the primary school children’s letters regarding litter in the village. DDDC has spoken to the Clean and Green team. Of the 11 village waste bins 9 are covered. Staff will litter pick during weekly collection. DDDC suggest that the pupils could produce posters to educate.


19.12.19 Items for the next agenda

Precept and budget 2020-2021, casual vacancy, cemetery remedial work and Garden of Remembrance, tree surgery, former cheese factory site, neighbourhood plan, village pump stone steps and War Memorial pointing, mowing contract. Additional items to be compiled by the clerk. 


19.12.20 Date of next meeting

5th February 2020. The council does not meet in January.


Part 2 Confidential information

19.12.21 New mowing contract

There were no members of the public in attendance during this part of the agenda.


Some interest had been expressed by the time of the meeting but the deadline for submission of tenders had not been reached. One tender was particularly detailed. There had been no response from the person who had had the 2019 tender.


Resolved: the clerk to approach further local contractors with a view to awarding the contract in February.

Resolved: the clerk to thank those who had already submitted tenders.


19.12.22 Pump stone and War Memorial pointing

The clerk had re-contacted the contractor offering the cheaper quote for the above. He had relooked at the job with Mr Grindey and submitted a revised quote to include pressure washing. Despite the additional work, the quote represented the cheapest option. 


Resolved: To appoint the above contractor and thank the other contractor for his interest in the work.


19.12.23 Tree surgery

The quote had been received in time for the December meeting to crown lift the tree on the village green and attend to trees in the parish council cemetery.


Resolved: To accept the quote of £280 and instruct the tree surgeon to proceed with the work.


19.12.24 New Garden of Remembrance and burial area

The members considered the works involved and would like one itemised quote for all the work involved.   The members consider that doing this should save money.   Access will have to be through a resident’s field. Members would like to see this completed by March 2020.


Resolved: To readvised the original contractor of the above and to seek two more quotes in view of the costs involved.


The meeting was declared closed at 8.50 pm

Mrs S Hampson
Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council
6th December 2019

©Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting

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