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A meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 1st November 2017 at

7.30 pm in the Bakehouse.


Present:  D Annat, S Bruce, E Broomhead MBE, A Grindey, R Craven, R Sherratt, and the clerk,

Mrs S Hampson.  There were no members of the public in attendance.

Non-Confidential agenda items


17.11.1 Co-option of new councillor, declaration of acceptance of office and completion of member’s interest form

There was only one applicant for the one vacancy on the parish council. Following a short interview with members, Mr R Sherratt was duly co-opted as the new parish councillor to fill the one vacancy on the parish council following the resignation of Mr Dullage.  Documentation was completed by Mr Sherratt before the proper officer of the parish council, Mrs Hampson.  Members acknowledged all the hard work that had been undertaken by Mr Dullage and were very grateful for this.



17.11.2 Apologies/Councillors’ attendance register

The members present completed the attendance register.  Apologies had been received from Mr Craven and District Councillor Chapman who was attending a Derbyshire Dale District Council (DDDC) meeting.



17.11.3 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors

There was no need by any member present to complete an entry in the register.

17.11.4 Minutes of the previous meeting.

These had been displayed on the noticeboard, on the parish council’s website and forwarded to members in advance of the meeting.


Resolved:  To accept these as a true record of proceedings and were signed in the meeting by the Chairman, Mr Annat changing the name of a councillor who reported an incidence of vandalism on Harrots Lane.

17.11.5 Public speaking

There were no members of the public in attendance.

17.11.6 District Councillor

The District Councillor was not in attendance and no updates regarding DDDC business had been received.


Resolved:  The clerk to contact the District Councillor for updates on outstanding attended by Mr Chapman.



17.11.7 Hartington Village Hall and Broadband

A further meeting with the Trustees of Hartington Village Hall had been attended by two members of the parish council.  Also in attendance were representatives of multiple village groups.  In two weeks’ time, a further meeting will take place to establish the level of community support.  An action plan will be made to resolve some of the problems.  Accounts will be reviewed in detail to establish the accurate financial position as this is more critical than first thought.  Mrs Broomhead MBE had established which outstanding invoices are in need of immediate payment.  The revenue from these invoices should improve matters.


The treasurer advised that the broadband contract can be cancelled without notice and will be cancelled within two weeks.  The bookings secretary will no longer receive a salary as no bookings have been taken.  At this stage, a new committee involving members of the 14 village/community groups will be required and finances need to improve before taking any radical steps to restructure matters.  Mr Dullage will chair the next meeting of the Village Hall Committee due to Mr Annat’s absence.

17.11.8 Public toilets

No further information had been received from DDDC; however, District Councillor Chapman was attending a DDDC forum meeting on the same night as the parish council meeting when one of the topics for discussion was public toilets. 


Resolved:  the clerkto contact the District Councillor for an update from the forum meeting.

17.11.9 Village Pond

The clerk had received a response to her request for a list of reputable contractors to carry out work on the village pond.  She had also suggested contacting the Peak District National Park Authority’s (PDNPA’s) landscape architect who had been involved with significant work on the pond during the enhancement scheme several years ago.  A discussion took place regarding the use of local farmers with suitable vacuum tanks to remove the water; however, the presence of large fish in the pond presents an issue with this course of action.  The fish could possibly be placed in Heathcote Mere as many fish died at this location during a harsh winter a few years ago; however, some concerns were expressed that some people have been seen fishing at the mere.  Also of concern is the possible presence of great crested newts. 


Resolved:  The clerk to contact PDNPA to arrange a Great Crested Newt survey with a view to cleaning out the pond within 12 months.

17.11.10 Snow warden and grit bins

The snow warden ha submitted his ‘Fit to Participate Form’ to Derbyshire County Council (DCC). 


Resolved:  The clerk will submit the risk assessment on the snow warden’s behalf.

Resolved:  The snow warden will check grit stocks in all grit bins and report to the clerk in case an order needs to be placed.



17.11.11 Items of account, salaries, HMRC, general admin., contractor, donation to First Responders.

Resolved:  To send a letter of thanks and a donation (Section 137) of £100 to Wetton First Responders for the time they kindly spend each month checking the status of the community defibrillator in the village.

Resolved:  To request the First Responders order replacement pads for the defibrillator which was recently used.

Resolved:  To reissue one cheque to the mowing contractor for the whole of the mowing season to the new payee on the insurance document


Cq 1251          Hartington Village Hall                      Hire                                         £27.50

Cq 1252          S Hampson                                          November internet provision  £10.00

Cq 1253          S Hampson                                          November clerk’s salary          £235.00

Cq 1254          S Hampson                                          Reimbursement of expenses   £20.04

Cq 1255          R P Lownds Team Clean High Peak  Mowing contract year 1          £1,800.00*

*see item 17.11.16



17.11.12 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals

Two planning applications were considered, Bank Top and Hart of the Country.


Bank Top – another set of revised plans and listed building consent had been received for conversation of former agricultural farm buildings to open market residential properties.  There are no conditions attached to these proposals.  The parish council would prefer to see the properties being converted for local occupancy whoever, understand that this may be economically unviable.  The members considered that these proposals would be a means of preserving buildings that are unsuitable for farming today.  The members feel that previously submitted comments remain valid.


Resolved:  To support the application at Bank Top Farm based on the above.


Hart in the Country shop – a lengthy discussion took place about the proposal at Hart in the country to change its use from A1 retail to mixed use A1 retail and A3 food and drink, including an outdoor seating area and erection of a former post and sign


There were reservations on the sign/post and detailed information would need to be submitted for consideration.


From the discussion, the parish council members have serious reservations about the development and change of use.  Firstly, and foremost, the entrance to the proposed tea rooms is entirely inappropriate for a large number of people and would cause serious inconvenience to the residents of the adjacent property, Bank House.  Furthermore, this inappropriate passageway will have to be used to serve meals and return crockery to 30 covers to the outside front of the retail business.  Concerns about the narrow access to the tea rooms are compounded as this will almost certainly be used as a vehicular delivery point and this area is currently and has been historically used for a period of approximately 50 years by the owners of Bank House to park their vehicles.  This is clearly illustrated in the applicants’ photographs.  In addition to the above parking issues there will be additional issues connected to the parking of staff vehicles as presently, staff park on the front forecourt which will no longer be available; therefore, staff and customers will have to seek parking nearby which will be problematic.


Members of the parish council are concerned that the kitchen area appears inadequate to serve 60 covers in two entirely different areas.  The layout and the density of the catering aspect is questionable and has an overshadowing/overbearing presence on the common boundary with Bank House and will have a detrimental effect overlooking Bank House and causing a loss of privacy.


Also of great concern is a lack of evidence of adequate waste disposal for such a large-scale operation.  It is noted from point 7 (waste collection) within the application material that waste collection is “as existing” business.  This is clearly incorrect as there is no food waste generated from the present business.

Extraction facilities will have to be put in place which will cause noise pollution to a number of surrounding properties.


Members have further concerns about the outdoor eating area at the front of the property which would have detrimental impact on the historic centre of the village particularly next to the village pump which is one of the village’s most important monuments.  The outdoor seating area will also have an effect on Bank House which is a listed building within the conservation area.  The property known as Chatsworth Cottage has been omitted from the plan drawing and will be significantly affected as it shares a common wall with the tea room area.


The parish council has no objections to the retail premises but strongly opposes all aspects of the catering and tea room areas. The parish council would like confirmation that all properties within a close proximity to the application property have been contacted to make representations.


There is reference to the shop sign on the covering sheet but it is suggested that this will become a later submission.  The parish council requires further detailed information on this to make a submission.



Resolved:  To oppose this proposal based on the above comments.



17.11.13 Highway issues

An officer from Derbyshire County Council (DCC) had contacted the clerk with a view to arranging a meeting with members of the parish council as she had received some concerns from parishioners about various highway issues in the parish such as obstruction of dropped kerbs, speeding outside the primary school, no waiting restrictions. The pothole near the Royal British Legion has still not received attention despite multiple reports from the clerk.


Resolved:  Members to take the opportunity to check issues in the village prior to the next meeting and report findings with a view to arranging a mutually convenient meeting with DCC personnel.



17.11.14 Christmas Tree and Electricity Supply

Mr Annat had made enquiries about over-ground cable protective covers and advised members of the costs involved at £53 per linear metre.  The clerk advised that an invoice should be made out to the parish council.  The need for additional Christmas lights was also discussed.


Resolved:  Mr Annat to purchase the over-ground cable and additional Christmas lights through the internet as the parish council does not carry out internet banking; to obtain documentation naming the parish council and to be reimbursed at the next meeting.



17.11.15 Neighbourhood Plan

The next meeting is in approximately three weeks’ time.  A presentation will take place in the New Year.  Draft papers have been compiled with statistics.  The committee is now awaiting the brain storm meeting and to plan the village presentation.  The planning area and which green spaces to be retained will be required and comments from the community.



17.11.16 Mowing Contractor

The mowing contractor had returned all of his payment cheques as he did not have a bank account at the time matching the payee on the cheques although the payee of the cheques is that of his insured name.  One cheque was reissued in the total amount of year one contract value as the contractor has now altered his bank account.  The contractor has given assurance that he will personally undertake future cuts.


Resolved:  To issue a further reminder about tidying the war memorial prior to Remembrance Day.



17.11.17 Correspondence and electronic communication

Included:  DALC circular 12, DDDC area forums.  The clerk had received a phone call to arrange a meeting to discuss traffic issues in the village concerning people ignoring dropped kerbs, speed etc.


Resolved:  Members to walk around the village and then arrange a meeting with the DCC personnel.

Resolved:  the clerk to contact the ranger service regarding Minor Maintenance Agreement work on footpaths, particularly the footpath to the River Dove.

Resolved:  the clerk to forward a copy of the bygone engine risk assessment to Mrs Broomhead MBE.



17.11.18 Items for the next agenda

To be compiled by the clerk.


17.11.19 Date of the next meeting

6th December 2017
The meeting was declared closed at 9.30 pm
Mrs S Hampson

Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council


11th November 2017

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