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A meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 7th February 2018 at

7.30 pm in the Bakehouse.


Present: D Annat, S Bruce, E Broomhead MBE, A Grindey, R Sherratt,

and the clerk, Mrs S Hampson. There was also one member of the public in attendance for part of the meeting.

Non-Confidential agenda items

18.2.1 Apologies/Councillors’ attendance register

The members present completed the attendance register. Apologies had been received in advance of the meeting from Mr R Craven.


18.2.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors

There was no need by any member present to complete an entry in the register.

18.2.3 Minutes of the previous meeting.

These had been displayed on the noticeboard, on the parish council’s website and forwarded to members in advance of the meeting.


Resolved: To accept these as a true record of proceedings and were signed in the meeting by the Chairman, Mr Annat. It was noted that the name of the development company now operating at the former cheese factory site is called Sharks Development Hartington not Amos as referred to in the previous minutes.


Resolved: to reorder the agenda item to discuss information about Hartington Village Hall Committee at this point in proceedings and to enable the member of the public to provide input, as Chairman of this committee.

18.2.4 Hartington Village Hall

Mr Annat is now a member of the Hartington Village Hall Committee and will represent the parish council. Mrs Broomhead MBE is now a Trustee and a member of the committee. It was reported that there have now been three successful meetings; seven Trustees from diverse backgrounds are now in place and eleven representatives formed from user groups. Trustees and committee members will have voting rights; this is a change from the historic voting process.  


Some information regarding the Village Hall’s finances and possible required developments were discussed, such as a new kitchen, wiring etc. Possible grants were referred to and for the need of letters of support from the parish council. A new website is nearing completion. Social media accounts are also going to be set up. Some future bookings and the regularising of charging terms were also discussed.


Invoices will be required to enable the parish council to make payment for hire costs associated with the Neighbourhood Plan. The Chairman of the Village Hall will continue to attend parish council meetings at least once a year to provide updates.  

18.2.5 Public speaking

There was one member of the public in attendance representing Hartington Village Hall Committee (please see above).


Mrs Broomhead and others voiced the opinion of some members of the public regarding an increase in dog fouling, particularly in the areas of Bankside and Dig Street. There is some knowledge of the person(s) allowing their dogs to foul these areas; however, prior to making direct contact over this sensitive issue placing an article in the next News and Views was discussed.


Resolved: To place an article in News and Views to raise awareness of the increase in dog fouling in areas including Bankside and Dig Street and to inform parishioners of the ability of using all waste bins to receive sealed, bagged dog waste, as they are now dual-purpose bins.

Resolved: Mrs Broomhead MBE to place advisory signs in the vicinity of the areas most affected.

18.2.6 District Councillor

The District Councillor was not in attendance and no further updates had been received regarding District Council business.


Resolved: The clerk to contact the district councillor to request an update on the public conveniences as district council meeting was planned at the beginning of 2018 regarding this matter.


18.2.7 Outcome of meeting with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) Highways personnel

A productive meeting had taken place in January 2018 with representatives from the parish council, school and DCC Highways and Traffic Division personnel. From this meeting it was revealed that white lines and cats’ eyes will not be replaced in built up areas as per new policy. A flashing warning sign will be erected to warn motorists of speed and to advise motorists to slow down. School signage will be improved. This will be funded from the new financial budget at DCC. The state of the pavement in front of the village stores, previously reported by the parish council, was photographed. Yellow lines may need changing as a result of the Neighbourhood Plan but the school staff do not want yellow lines near the school, however, single and double yellow lines may be made the subject of one traffic order. The village name plate will relocate to the vicinity of the speed limit sign. Investigations will take place on Hyde Lane regarding the possibility of warning signs near the bends. 

18.2.8 Former cheese factory site culvert

A response to the latest application at the former cheese factory site had been submitted to the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) in complete opposition to the proposals for a large house. At the site it was reported that a large culvert had been smashed possibly by the present contractors and this had been replaced by a small plastic pipe surrounded by rubble. The members were concerned that this could potentially result in a back-up of water flowing into the system in the Spring. Photographic evidence is available but members would like the opinion of the senior planners at PDNPA on this together with opinions from Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC) as other drainage systems are being fed into the same inadequate pipe.


The corner of one of the stone barns to be converted to two residential dwellings was also of concern to members as this has collapsed. Work is being done remediate this but members considered that this should be subject to building regulations as it is to become a future residential dwelling.


A surveyor has also visited the site in connection with the provision of the swale connected to the development; however, the parish council has not received any information regarding this.


Resolved: The clerk to contact PDNPA and DDDC regarding the culvert, the restoration work to the barn and the swale.

18.2.9 Neighbourhood Plan

Members discussed the forthcoming weekend for the public regarding the Neighbourhood Plan including questionnaires, traffic issues and traffic calming. A full presentation will take place. The plan appears professional. 


Resolved: The parish council to pay costs incurred in Neighbourhood Plan meetings and the weekend referred to above upon receipt of an invoice from Hartington Village Hall.

18.2.10 Grit bins and snow warden

Following information received from the snow warden, Mr Grindey the clerk had requested a refill of grit from DCC for the grit bin located on Reynard’s Lane. Mr Grindey reported that this had been received. Mr Grindey reported that eventually, the tonne of grit allocated by DCC as part of the snow warden scheme had been received. Comments have been received regarding a lack of gritting up to the doctors’ surgery but it was appreciated that the snow wardens had kept the centre of the village in a good state for which thanks was given but additional volunteers would be required to widen the scheme. Mr Grindey volunteered this year to attempt to clear pavements to the surgery. Any additional volunteers would be required to complete a fit to participate form.


18.2.11 Items of account, salaries, HMRC, general admin., contractor, Christmas tree electricity supply

Cq 1269          S Hampson                              February internet provision                 £10.00

Cq 1270          S Hampson                              February net salary                              £235.30

Cq 1271          S Hampson                              Reimbursement of expenses               £12.81

Cq 1272          Hartington Village Hall          Hire                                                     £27.50

Cq 1273          D Annat                                  Reimbursement for payment               £30.00

                                                                        of electricity supply supplied by a resident for Christmas lights

Cq 1274          D Annat                                  Reimbursement for payment to Design & Print                                                                     (Neighbourhood plan and map printing) £85.50


The clerk advised that burial income had been received in connection with a recent funeral and that HMRC had forwarded details that the parish council’s VAT reference number would be changing.


Large scale copying of historic documents/maps costs may be of benefit to the parish council.


Resolved: To create/purchase an advisory sign, prior to next Christmas, to inform the public and the snow plough teams that there are cables present from the grass island to Corner House to the village Christmas tree.


18.2.12 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals

Planning had been officially granted for the lean-to extension at Lean Low Farm.   A recent application at the former sheepskin shop has been withdrawn but had received support from a neighbouring property despite some concerns of the parish council. An application for a sign at this establishment is still to arrive. Planning services bulleting 16 was received.


18.2.13 Highway issues

No further pot holes were reported at this meeting.


18.2.14 Correspondence and electronic communication

Following the December meeting, the clerk had contacted DDDC’s Environmental Health department regarding a vacant property on Hall Bank to ensure vermin is not present. DDDC confirmed that contact had been made with the owners. 


Other communication included: Holocaust Memorial Day, DALC circulars; PKK Littlejohn will be the new auditors, Chairman’s community awards, Derbyshire Law Centre Day, Heritage Lottery fund, cash for old electricals, off street parking orders, publishing village trails, warning from DALC regarding a company,


18.2.15 Items for the next agenda

Hartington Village Hall, Neighbourhood Plan, village pond, former cheese factory site, grit bin monitoring, public conveniences, dog fouling. Additional items to be compiled by the clerk


18.2.16 Date of the next meeting

7th March 2018


The meeting was declared closed at 9.15 pm

Mrs S Hampson

Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council


11th February 2018

©Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting 
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