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The Annual Meeting of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council was held on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 at 7.15 pm in the Bakehouse.


Present: D Annat, S Bruce, E Broomhead MBE, R Craven, A Grindey, R Sherratt and the clerk, Mrs S Hampson. There was one member of the public in attendance for part of the meeting.

Non-Confidential agenda items


18.5.1 Apologies/Councillors’ attendance register

All members of the parish council were in attendance. Apologies had been received from District Councillor D Chapman.



18.5.2 Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

Resolved: Mr D Annat to remain as the Chairman of the parish council (Prop SB, Sec EB MBE)

Resolved: Mr A Grindey to be the Vice Chairman of the parish council (Prop DA, Sec RC


The positions were unanimously agreed for the forthcoming year.



18.5.3 Declaration of acceptance of office of Chairman and Members.

The acceptance of office forms were duly completed by the Chairman and all members of the parish council and signed by the proper officer of the parish council, Mrs Hampson.



18.5.4 Completion of members’ register of interest forms

The clerk had forwarded these to members in advance of the meeting. Completed forms were retained by the clerk.



18.5.5 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councils

Mrs Bruce declared a personal interest in a planning application being considered under agenda item 18.5.19 but to remain in the meeting during this item. There was no need by the remaining members to complete an entry in the register.



18.5.6 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous ordinary meeting had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting, published on the noticeboard and parish council website. 


Resolved: To accept the minutes as a true record of proceedings and were duly signed by the Chairman, Mr Annat.



18.5.7 Public speaking

Mrs Broomhead MBE advised members of a proposal by Hartington Community Group to use parts of plastic bottles painted red to form cascading poppies from the church, approaching the War Memorial. It is hoped this will raise funds through people adopting a poppy and tagging it. The members were asked to consider supporting the proposal to nominate three beneficiaries from the fund raising: the British Legion, the church and Hartington Village Hall. Members were also advised that the poppies will trail over a small area of parish verge.


Resolved: The parish council members had no objections to the use of the parish verge and support the three proposed beneficiaries of any funds raised from this project.


Mrs Broomhead MBE also advised members of the forthcoming Open Gardens event in the village (22nd July). Mrs Broomhead MBE advised that risk assessments will be completed as in the previous year and confirmed that insurance will be put in place. 


Resolved:  to grant permission for the use of the village greens as part of the Open Gardens event in July 2018.


The member of the public did not wish to speak but had attended to listen to the agenda items associated with the former cheese factory site.



18.5.8 Update from District Councillor

The District Councillor was not in attendance.



18.5.9 Public conveniences update

A confirmation enquiry had been sent to Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Parks and Street Scene Department regarding the outstanding maintenance.  The necessary repairs have now been carried out by DDDC; the public conveniences in the village have been reopened and are being cleaned. There has been no further communication to suggest that that the recent decision to keep the conveniences open has not been ratified. Members were again grateful for the car park levy to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the toilets. 


Members expressed some concerns over the clarity of the directional signage to the car park on Mill Lane to ensure maximum revenue is received. Members would be happy to meet with personnel to discuss an improvement to the signs to direct the public to the car park.


Resolved: The clerk to contact DDDC regarding improvements to directional signage to the car park and to suggest a meeting with members of the parish council.



18.5.10 Hartington Village Hall

Woodworm will shortly be treated. All bookings and invoicing will be carried out by one individual. Mrs Broomhead MBE asked whether the parish council would like to pay hire charges by BACS. The clerk advised that the present cheque system is not inconvenient. Some new chairs will be purchased for the benefit of elderly users. The grant is progressing. Meetings continue to be well attended.



18.5.11 Former cheese factory site culvert.

A response has not been received from the Environment Agency or further communication from Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) regarding the inadequate culvert at the site.


Resolved: to discuss new planning applications for the former cheese factory site as part of this agenda item.


The planning applications recently received concerned variations of previous conditions; rubble being left on the site, not returning areas of land to green field prior to building and discharge of conditions. A further proposal concerned a drainage channel and reprofiling of the lane. Members discussed the applications and responses which had been prepared in advance of the meeting. Members considered the applications to be of poor quality and agreed that the high level of scrutiny over such applications should continue.


Resolved: Mr Annat to submit the agreed responses to the applications which oppose all proposals.

Resolved: Mr Annat to request a meeting with the planning officer and director of planning to discuss the progression of the site.



18.5.12 Neighbourhood Plan

The plan is at the final draft stage to be submitted for consultation. Copies will be made available to any land owner within any element of the plan area. Advertisements will be posted. Copies will be available in public areas such as the Post Office and shop. A front-page attachment to the News and Views will be created to publicise the viewing location of the plans and information will also be published on the community website with a link to the parish council website. 



18.5.13 Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018 and audits

The clerk and responsible finance officer had prepared the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2018. Copies of these had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting. The accounts had also been internally audited prior to the meeting without any matters being necessary to bring before council members. Mr Annat commended the clerk for her hard work and this was also supported by the other members. 


Resolved: a) Mr Annat and the Responsible Finance Officer signed the Annual Governance Statement.

Resolved: b) to approve the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2018. Mr Annat and the Responsible Finance Officer signed the accounting statement section 2.



18.5.14 Village Planters

The planters will be repainted and stocked. The primary school children will assist. The parish council is very grateful for the hard work being undertaken and look forward to another beautiful display. 


Resolved: To forward an expression of thanks to the person managing the planters.


Bulbs have not yet been planted at the village entrances. Some of the bulbs that had been dug up for this purpose have unfortunately rotted. 


Resolved: To meet the cost of purchasing bulbs to carry out planting at the village entrances as discussed at a previous meeting.



18.5.15 Dog fouling

Members continue to receive reports of dog fouling on the approach to the school. There have been no further incidents on Hall Bank and Dig Street has improved.


Resolved: to display a dog fouling notice at Leisure Lane.

Resolved: to remove the item from future agendas, reinstating if necessary.



18.5.16 Light on Derbyshire Dales District Council car park

Mr Craven reported that the new light on the car park does not appear to be subject to the part-night regime. Members were concerned by the complaint regarding light pollution and did not wish the light to be illuminated after 10 pm in summer and 6 pm in winter.


Resolved: The clerk to contact the street lighting department to advise of the concerns and to request its illumination to be reduced as detailed above.



18.5.17 Mowing contract

The clerk had requested up to date insurance and policy documentation from the mowing contractor prior to commencing the new season but this has not yet been received. Members reported that the mowing has commenced and as so far been very satisfactory.



18.5.18 Items of accounts, salaries HMRC, general administration, contractor, clerk’s pay award, insurance

Cq 1288          Hartington Village Hall          Hire                                         £27.50

Cq 1289          S Hampson                              Internet provision                    £10.00

Cq 1290          S Hampson                              Annual premises allowance     £216.00

Cq 1291          S Hampson                              Salary and back pay to 1 April £243.50*

Cq 1292          S Hampson                              Reimbursement of expenses   £8.84

Cq 1293          Zurich Insurance                     Annual insurance premium     £342.44

Cq 1294          B Wood                                  Internal audit                          £32.20


* The national pay award for clerks from 1st April 2018 had been received via a DALC Circular which had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting. 


Resolved: members unanimously agreed to the clerk’s pay award as detailed above.


DDDC Precept monies have now been received.



18.5.19 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals

In addition to the planning proposals for the cheese factory site referred to above, additional applications had been received for The Croft, Dig Street for a loft extension and a single storey extension at Bankside. Mrs Bruce had declared a personal interest at the beginning of the meeting regarding the application on Bankside. The extension at Bankside represented only a marginal increase to the existing outbuilding which will be removed.


Resolved: to support the above two planning applications and the clerk to submit the decision to PDNPA.



18.5.20 Highway issues and yellow lines

Yellow lines have been discussed and feature on part of the Neighbourhood Plan. Mr Annat advised that double yellow lines will feature at the front of the pond, near the drain, to ensure the view of the pond from the Market Place area is not obscured by parked vehicles. Double yellow lines will not feature on the side of the pond near the houses. Coaches can still be an issue in the village centre. Yellow lines will also be requested at the brow of the hill of Hall Bank, near the Youth Hostel and on the corner near Mill Lane Farm. 


Pot holes on beyond the brow of Hall Bank, at the vicinity of the water works area are now atrocious. Water continues to pour out from Highfields Lane which contributes to erosion of the road surface at this location. There are also pot holes between the bottom of Harding Gap and Station Hill which require attention.  A further area in need of attention is near a grid on Hardings Lane which is in the neighbouring parish.


Resolved: The clerk to report the potholes at the above locations and to request an official response from Derbyshire County Council (DCC) to include in the minutes due to the multiple complaints received from parishioners.



18.5.21 Correspondence and Communication

Details had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and other than those items covered by the agenda included:


DALC Circulars: Chairs available, National Crime Survey 2018, Rainmaintain Services and PCSO opinions on speed.


The clerk had tried to contact the supplier of the community noticeboard but the previously used email address had been rejected. 


Resolved: to place the noticeboard on the next agenda and in the meantime, the clerk to find details of suppliers, including the supplier of the parish council noticeboard, with a view to considering a new purchase. Mrs Broomhead MBE to forward dimensions to the clerk. 


Members also discussed some additional items which will require future expenditure for the benefit of the village such as new seats



18.5.22 Items for the next agenda

Mowing, toilets, neighbourhood plan, policy document review, noticeboard, wakes and band. Additional items to be compiled by the clerk.



18.5.23 Date of the next meeting

6th June 2018


The meeting was declared closed at 8.45 pm.

Mrs S Hampson
Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council

6th May 2018


©Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting

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