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Cemetery and Memorial Fees

Resident and non-resident Rules

Burial Plots

Purchasing a space for burial is only available to parishioners/residents at the time of their death. Plots cannot be reserved in advance. Plots are not available for non-residents.


This rule has applied for approximately 20 years, following advice and instruction from the burial authority Derbyshire Dales District Council, given the limited number of spaces available. Spaces reserved prior to this decision are recorded by the Clerk (please see Rules below).


All applications to be made by contacting the Parish Clerk at the appropriate time.


Garden of Remembrance

Both residents and non-residents can purchase a memorial space in the Garden of Remembrance at any time, given the larger number of spaces available. 


Reservations by both residents and non-residents can be made by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Fees                                                                                        Parishioners          Non Parishoner
                                                                                                  Fee                          Reserved Space

The purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial

in a single grave (Grave size 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm)                      £643.00                   £1,286.00


The interment fee in that grave for a person

over the age of 16 years                                                              £422.00                    £844.00


                                                                         TOTAL                    £1,065.00                 £2,130.00

The interment fee of a still born child

(or child less than 1 month)                                                                   NIL                       NIL


The interment fee in that grave (for a person                                           NIL                      NIL

over 1 month but less than 16 years)                                                                                                                        


The interment fee for a casket of ashes

on top of a coffin in an existing purchased grave

(size 2,400 x 1200 mm)                                                                 £152.00             £304.00

Burial Ground Memorial Headstones                                                                                                              

The right to erect a memorial headstone

(See height restrictions)                                                                £171.65                   £243.30

Approval of design of memorial headstone

where no foundation provided                                                       £ 80.00                    £160.00                                                                                                         TOTAL     £251.65                   £453.30


For the grant of right of each inscription after the first                      £ 53.00                £106.00


Memorial Headstones must be 838 mm (33 inches) in height and not less than 75 mm (3 inches) in thickness and erected on a foot of the same thickness, 300 mm (12 inches) from back to front and 900 mm (3 feet) in width.


Headstones shall only be erected 6 months after burial.


Full details of the rules, regulations and materials for the erection of memorial headstones can be forwarded on application to the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Reserved Burial Plots

A certain number of plots were reserved and paid for some 20 years ago, prior to the decision to limit spaces only to residents at time of death. These spaces were reserved by both residents and non-residents.


A record of these plots is held by the Parish Clerk. Please notea plot cannot be transferred and is available only to the person named on the records.


If a plot is no longer required the Parish Clerk should be notified. At the discretion of the Parish Council, the person purchasing the plot can be re-reimbursed for the price paid for the plot as detailed in the records. If that person is now deceased and buried elsewhere, an immediate family member can apply to the Parish Council for reimbursement.


Reserved Plots non-resident’s Burial Fees

The prices shown above apply to residents at time of burial. Non - residents with reserved spaces will pay double the cost as shown above in the column to the right.


Please note that there is no resident gravedigger at the cemetery and therefore the undertaker shall obtain the correct numbered grave space and will make arrangements for the gravedigger at an additional arranged fee to the above fees. The grave-digging fee is not paid to the Parish Council but collected by the undertaker. Interments should be made Monday – Friday between the hours of 10.00 am and 3.30 pm. Additional charges may be incurred for burials outside these normal hours.


All applications for Hartington Town Quarter PC Cemetery must be made to the Clerk to the Parish Council, Mrs S Hampson Cert H. Ed, Dip RSA, telephone number (01335) 310409. All fees must be made payable to Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council. Will undertakers please ensure that the appropriate fee accompanies the “Green Certificate of Disposal”, “Coroners Certificate” or “Certificate for Disposal of Cremated Remains” or is forwarded prior to the day of the interment.


Will undertakers please note that all surplus stone etc must be removed completely away from the burial ground immediately after the grave has been filled in. The surface of the burial plot must be left flat (except for a small amount to allow for sinkage) and not raised.


To prevent future confusion, will undertakers please advise their clients that the Clerk to the Parish Council must be approached for up-to-date details and fees in regard to memorials etc before applying to a stone mason and the erection of any memorial, as restrictions apply to materials, size and type allowed in the cemetery.


No memorial shall be admitted to the cemetery without the written approval of the Parish Council.


All applications should be submitted to the Clerk to the Parish Council Mrs S Hampson Cert H Ed, Dip RSA, telephone number (01335) 310409 and shall include a drawing, inscription and design to be placed on the memorial together with dimensions and material to be used for the memorial. Details of any vases to be included on the memorial must also be submitted.


The Parish Council reserves the right to amend the above fees and conditions at any time.


There are very few remaining spaces in the existing Garden of Remembrance. However an additional area for an extension is being prepared. Memorials in this area will be restricted to lie flat memorial slabs size (450mm x 450mm). No other memorials, vases or decorations will be permitted. 


The following charges apply to the new Garden of Remembrance. Below this are additional charges that will apply to any remaining spaces in the old garden.

          Parishioner    Non Parishioner

Purchase of a gritstone type slab                                                    £ 89.00          £ 178.00

(the price may increase with each new supply purchased from

Derbyshire Dales District Council)     

The right to erect the slab                                                           £ 69.50            £ 139.00


The right to have an engraved plaque on the slab                          £ 69.50           £ 139.00

Process and approve design of plaque                                             £ 69.50            £ 139.00

The purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial

beneath the memorial slab in the

Garden of Remembrance for cremated remains                            £ 207.00            £ 414.00

The above applies to a single burial of cremated
Remains - each additional cremated remains                         £ 207.00            £ 414.00

The interment fee in the Garden of Remembrance                            NIL                           NIL


The Right to Scatter Ashes            in Burial Ground                      £ 53.50                 £107.00



For those few remaining spaces and for those wishing to incorporate a vase or sloping plaque the following additional charges apply. There will be no vases or sloping plaques permitted in the new Garden of Remembrance.


The right to erect a vase on the slab                                                    £ 69.50                £139.00

Process and approve design of vase                                                   £ 69.50                £139.00

                                                                                    TOTAL            £139.00                £278.00

The right to erect a sloping plaque
incorporating a vase                                                                          £139.00                 £278.00                       
Process and approve design of sloping plaque

incorporating vase                                                                              £ 69.50                 £139.00

                                                                                    TOTAL            £208.50                £417.00


All Fees should be made payable to Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council. The above fees will usually be amended on 1 April each year and/or in line with increases in Derbyshire Dales District Council cemetery fees. The Parish Council reserves the right to amend the above charges and conditions at any time.



Memorials on earthen graves

As stated by Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC), as the burial authority, within the designated burial ground, the only long-term memorial permitted on a grave is a single headstone.


Monumental masons

Monumental masons must not erect memorials until such time as the design, materials and fixings have been approved by the clerk to the parish council, prescribed fees paid and cleared and a permit to enter the cemetery has been issued.


Memorials will be made from black or grey granite polished/mirror finished on all faces and edges; slate or natural stone approved by the parish council.


Time period to erect memorials

The burial mound must be allowed to settle for up to 6 months prior to erecting memorials, thereafter, arrangements must be made by the family to level the burial mound to a flat condition suitable for easy mowing in the lawned cemetery by the grounds person. The grounds person can be approached to carry out levelling of burial mounds. A cost is involved for this service and paid directly to the grounds person.


Temporary memorials

Temporary memorials such as wooden crosses may only be erected on graves during the first 6 months following interment. Any memorial erected without the approval of the Parish Council will be removed at the expense of the person(s) concerned. 


Safety inspections

Where a memorial is found to be unsafe following an inspection by the Council, the Council will make no charge if the deed-holder voluntarily makes the memorial safe on a long-term basis, as required by the Cemetery Regulations and standards. The primary responsibility for the safety and ongoing maintenance of a memorial rests with the deed holder.


Inclusion of photographs* and logos** on memorials

Photographs and logos are not permitted on memorials

Vases incorporated within memorial headstones

If a vase is required there should be a vase holder incorporated in the plinth of the headstone. There must be no additional vases placed away from the plinth of the memorial headstone and no vases at foot of the grave.


There must be no planting in the cemetery other than winter flowering bulbs such as snow drops/crocuses. These will be mown off during the first mowing cut in the cemetery.


Plastic flowers and plant pots

Plastic flowers are not permitted in the cemetery. Plants in pots other than those contained in the vase in the plinth or can stand on the base plinth of the memorial are not permitted.


Wreaths are permitted immediately after burial and during the winter period when the cemetery is not being mown. These must be discarded within the bins provided in the cemetery.


If visitors to the cemetery are accompanied by pets these should be kept under control within the cemetery


Photographs and logos

Are not permitted.

Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council reserve the right to remove any unauthorised item from the parish council cemetery.

Residents Qualification


A resident must be on the electoral roll and reside in the parish of Hartington Town Quarter, however if the deceased’s last residence prior to being admitted to a nursing home/hospital was that of a parishioner, they qualify as a resident at the discretion of the Parish Council.

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