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A year overshadowed by Covid and meetings severely restricted by the regulations.

Covid posed a number of challenges, not least the substantial increase in visitors and a significant problem with litter. Initially we relied on the Village Hall Committee loaning their bin for the substantial overflow which occurred almost every weekend. Recently however we are grateful to DDDC increasing waste collections for the public bins on the Village Greens.

Around the greens, the seating much used by visitors, was given a complete refurbishment by village resident John Grosvenor and the Parish Council are extremely grateful for his efforts. He also played a large part in our clearance of the Stanner, but we still await Highways completing much needed repairs to the edge of this important historic feature.

The Council also commissioned work by master stonewaller Trevor Wragg to renovate both the listed War Memorial area and the Village Pump steps. We are again grateful for an excellent job and now it remains to replace the one tree around the Memorial which appears to have died. The twelve trees represent the number of residents who lost their lives in two world wars.

The Village experienced significant flooding on January 20/21 with DDDC flood response team playing a huge part in getting sandbags and help to those affected. The Parish Council provided a detailed analysis of the problems to all relevant agencies, Environment, Peak Park, DCC and DDDC. We have asked for an action plan to ensure the culverts are able to cope in future. So far visits and a flood plan for the factory site have been actioned but we still await a detailed plan for blocked culverts.

On a positive note work to the garden of remembrance was completed, the greens were cut to a high standard and an excellent Christmas Tree was again provided, thanks to Councillor Sherratt and Mr Broomhead.

In May we were extremely disturbed to learn that the developer of the Stonewell Lane estate ‘Peakland Grange’ was under no obligation to provide the 4 Affordable houses that had been a fundamental reason for the granting of permission by the Government Inspector. This was because of a legal oversight by the Planning Authority when dealing with a subsequent change of conditions application. Since work started the development had varied in a whole number of ways from the approved scheme and we felt the Authority were seriously compromised in enforcing these as a result of the legal blunder. We asked our District Councillor to discuss this in his role as Vice Chairman of the Park. Subsequently agreement has been reached between the Planners and Developer, with most changes validated and the 4 affordable homes now to be built.

The Neighbourhood Plan Final Draft, together with a draft Strategic Environmental Assessment and  Habitats Regulation Assessment have been presented to the PDNPA and recommended revisions incorporated. However, these all need re-submitting for comment to the relevant agencies for their comments and a full Consultation Assessment is to be drafted plus a Basic Conditions Statement. These are not yet drafted.

Once consultation is complete, all documents will be handed to the PDNPA for review who if satisfied will issue a certificate of conformity and this will lead to a formal submission to the Examiner.

An imminent meeting of a very depleted Neighbourhood Plan Committee will meet with the Peak Park in June to try and conclude these final stages. We have reserved monies in our budget if consultancy help is required to get the Plan over the line.

We consulted on the renovation of the village pond but the window for any work is limited to December and January to avoid any issues with great crested newts. We will seek professional quotes to ascertain the extent and costs of removing the fish and silt and renovation the structure.

Our precept was £6,000 a zero increase on the previous year.

May I thank my fellow Councillors and our outstanding Parish Clerk for their support throughout a difficult year.

There was no AGM in 2020 due to Covid Regulations. Accounts for the year will be published once approved at the meeting in July.


The year saw a number of events worthy of record.

Confirmation was received following its high usage survey that Hartington Public Conveniences was one of the few in the Derbyshire Dales to remain open and free to the public. A small increase in DDDC Car Park charges in Mill Lane will help fund maintenance of the unit.

The cleaning and replacement of oak posts for the War Memorial was completed in advance of the centenary service marking the end of WW1.

The Neighbourhood Plan has completed its Public Consultation phase and is in the stages of drafting for review by an Inspector later this year.

DCC were persuaded to install a speed warning system and better signage along the Dale for the benefit of Hartington School.

The Stanner paving has been repaired, a replacement Noticeboard installed in the Market Place and several thousand crocus bulbs planted on the village green island. We agreed to support funding News and Views, arranged the installation of the village Christmas tree and played an active role in supporting the new trustees at the Village Hall, where the financial situation is much improved so that it is no longer under threat of closure.

We continue to monitor the development on the Dairy Crest site which proceeds slowly.

Our precept was reduced to £6,000.

Once again I wish to thank my fellow councillors for their support and acknowledge the vital and highly professional role played by Sandra Hampson as Parish Clerk.





The Parish Annual Meeting of Hartington Town Quarter was held at 7 pm on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 in the Bake House of Hartington Village Hall.


Present:  D Annat, C Dullage, E Broomhead MBE, S Bruce, A Grindey, R Craven (Members of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council) and Mrs S Hampson (Clerk to the parish council).  There were no members of the public present.


1.  The minutes of the previous Parish Annual Meeting were accepted as a true record of proceedings.


2.  The Chairman of Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council gave a report of the last 12 months. 

The Chairman's report was as follows:

This past year saw particular disappointment with the Decision of Planning Inspector, Clive Sproule, to overturn the Peak Park Planning Committee and grant permission to build 26 houses on the Dairy Crest site.


The press statement by the CPRE summed up reaction: "The site is out on a limb from the village, includes a conspicuously large house, twenty-one other private homes and a measly four affordable homes. The community in Hartington have spent years trying to work with the site owner to secure a good scheme with more affordable homes and some workshops, so that the re-use of the site could really contribute to the life of the village. This is the wrong scheme, and it's deeply disappointing that it has been approved on appeal."


Despite failing to persuade this particular Inspector, I believe we did all we could over the 6 year period, having seen schemes for up to 60 houses and a previous application for 39 houses rejected by a Public Inquiry.


I note the recent decision by Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC) to reduce key services with the aim of shifting the financial burden to Parish Councils. They will no longer fund cemeteries in smaller parishes such as Hartington.  They are also considering withdrawing all funding for our public convenience and have already closed the village waste disposal site. We must carefully consider how we manage and fund these and other services going forward.


I would record yet another year of total frustration with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) Highways for general intransigence but in particular for refusing to repair the collapsed culvert beneath the road at Digmer Farm. We have endured several years of flooding on Dig Street, yet despite our numerous complaints they claim lack of funds means it is low priority. With the vast bulk of our Community Charges going to our County Council, I believe this village sees a poor return in service delivery.


There were of course a number of positive features of the year. Our Neighbourhood Plan made real progress with our comprehensive questionnaire returned by over 150 people, an astonishingly high return rate compared with other communities. Findings have been discussed with the Peak National Park Authority and a first draft of the key issues, drawn up by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, will be presented to the Parish Council in June.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Hartington School’s 150th anniversary celebrations opened by the Duke of Devonshire. A huge turnout from this community and a great reflection on this Village.


We enjoyed another excellent Christmas Festival with our biggest and best lit tree thanks to the efforts of Richard Sherratt and Brian Broomhead. Congratulations also to all the people and volunteers who made last year’s Hartington Wakes, Well Dressing and Show such a success.


I am also pleased to report that this year’s precept was reduced from £8,000 to £6,000.


Finally I wish to thank fellow Councillors for their support and enthusiasm. In particular may I record our debt to our Parish Council Clerk, Sandra Hampson, who despite suffering such significant personal tragedy, still found time to organise and guide us so professionally throughout the year.


3.  Public speaking by members of the parish regarding parish issues not covered by the parish council agenda below

As there were no members of the public in attendance the meeting was declared closed at 7.15 pm.

Mrs S Hampson
Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council

20th May 2017



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